What should I pack in my hospital bag?

There are so many exciting things to do and organise when pregnant, and packing your hospital bag is definitely up there, as it means you are only a matter of weeks away from meeting your little one (unless you are super organised and pack really early!)

Below are a few essentials and luxurious we think are necessary in your hospital bag. If you want more information on what to pack then make sure you check out our video which has more detail.


First things first, you must have your pregnancy notes which includes your birth plan – these are difficult to pack as you need to have them on you at all times, so maybe just tie a note around your bag handle so you don’t forget!
You also need to ensure you have all the clothes you will need, including maternity bra, larger than normal knickers and plenty of maternity pads and breast pads. You will also need a change of clothes, bikini top if you are planning a water birth and a nightie or pjs and you may also like to take some flip-flops or slippers. Don’t forget your toiletries and a towel and make sure you include lip balm as hospitals can make your skin dry and some nice smelling shower gel (the ‘nice-smelling’ is optional).

You will probably also need some coins for vending machines and also for some hospital car parks – you may want to check this now. A pillow from home may help you get more comfortable in hospital as well as pregnancy ball, if you have been using one, as they are not always available in hospital and don’t forget your mobile phone charger!

For Baby

For your little one you will need; a couple of vests and sleepsuits, nappies, nappy bags, cotton wool and it is always worth having a small pot or plastic container for water to help with those first few nappy changes. A couple of blankets, a hat, scratch mittens and also a travel change mat and plenty of muslins – which can double up as change mats, blankets and burping cloths. You will also need a car seat to take baby home, and maybe a coat or pram suit, depending on the weather.

The Little Extras

If you have room in your bag, it may be worth adding a few of these things too. A Tens machine, although if you go into hospital in active labour you may well be using this already (have a quick read now on how it works and don’t forget batteries!). It may be worth packing a few snacks for you and your partner, something that will give you plenty of energy and it may also be worth adding a sports drink or two – with sports caps so they are easier to drink. Load up a playlist onto your phone or iPod to help keep you calm or to motivate you if you start getting tired, also some mums-to-be like to pack battery operated candles and aromatherapy oils too to create a more relaxing and homely environment! A camera is almost an essential to capture those precious first moments, but with so many smart phones around, you are covered!

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