What to expect in the Third Trimester

Congratulations if you have reached your final trimester of pregnancy (29 to 40 weeks) – you’re almost there and will soon get to meet your beautiful baby.

By now your baby will be about the size of a butternut squash and will look a lot like the baby you will meet in about 10 weeks’ time. Over the next few weeks your baby will be adding fat under their skin and will usually double in weight during this trimester.

You should currently have a lovely baby bump, be feeling lots of movement and hopefully your partner too will have felt your baby kick. As you progress through your third trimester, you may find you start to feel a little more tired than during the previous trimester, this is because your baby will be putting more physical stress on your body and as your baby grows you will be carrying more weight. Try and rest when you can and take life a little slower. Now is the perfect time to take more naps and sleep when you can as well as taking some time out for yourself – read a book, go out for a nice stroll or a lovely relaxing bath.

As you move closer to your due date you will start thinking more about baby’s arrival and will want to get yourself organised. You may have already made some big purchases or decided on what you will be buying for baby and buy them during this trimester. You will also start thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag and considering what life with baby may be like. During this trimester it is a good idea to bulk cook meals, even if you just add one meal to the freezer each week, you will have a good stock of food to enjoy when baby arrives. It is also a good idea to add a few extra items each week to your shopping list, like toothpaste, toilet roll and kitchen roll – the items you won’t be thinking about when baby is here but will miss if you run out. You may also experience ‘nesting’ and start cleaning the house from top to bottom – these are all positive signs and a great way to prepare for your little one’s arrival.

Enjoy this final stage on your journey to motherhood.

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