What to expect during your second trimester

Congratulations, if you have reached your second trimester (13 – 28 weeks) or are nearly there - if you suffered with morning sickness, hopefully these symptoms will have eased and you will start to feel more energised.

Your baby will now be fully formed with all organs developing and will be approximately the size of a peach. You should also start to see your stomach grow in size as your baby starts to put on weight.

During your second trimester your baby will experience rapid growth. Its brain will have started developing and this will continue until after your baby is born. Their fingers and toes will be well defined and their finger nails, eye brows and eye lashes will grow and their teeth and bones will become more dense. Your baby will grow from the approximate size of a peach to an aubergine and will weigh about 1kg by the end of this trimester. You should also start to feel your baby’s movements during this time which will start as a flutter.

You should have a 16 week check with your midwife where you will find out more about the anomaly scan which will be offered between 18 – 21 weeks. The anomaly scan will check how baby is developing in terms of size and measurements will be taken. Seeing your baby during the scan is an exciting moment. Depending on the position of your baby you may be asked if you would like to know your baby’s gender, however this does depend on where you live and, of course, you are under no obligation to know before your baby’s born.

You have now reached the half way point of pregnancy and if you haven’t already thought about maternity leave, now would be a good time to find out what your employer offers and when you would like to start your maternity leave. You can obtain your MAT B1 form from your midwife from 20 weeks and this will need to be handed into your employer no later than 25 weeks of pregnancy or at least 15 weeks before your due date.

Now is a great time to start thinking about your larger purchases like crib, travel system and car seat as well as baby’s name and birthing plan. As you progress during your pregnancy and get larger, you may start to feel more tired, so your second trimester is a great time to get organised.

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