Summer Skin

This year we have enjoyed some lovely early summer weather and hopefully this will return in the weeks and months to come. If we do enjoy another hot summer or if you’re planning to visit somewhere sunny, then here are a few tips on how to protect your skin in the sun while pregnant.

Natural Fibres
As the weather warms up and the temperatures rise, stay cooler by wearing natural fibres as they absorb moisture from your skin, helping to keep you cool. Natural clothes are more breathable too which makes them more suitable than man-made fibres.

Sun Cream
It is advisable to wear sun cream throughout the summer to reduce your skins exposure to the harmful rays. During pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive and so should be treated with extra care. It may be worth increasing the SPF you use and where possible stay in the shade.

Dark Spots
You may notice in the sun you get dark spots on your body – they are called melanin. These brownish coloured patches may appear on your forehead, cheeks, upper chest and above the upper lip. They are caused by hormonal change and primarily affect brunettes and darker-skinned women. Protect the skin by applying sunscreen multiple times a day and wearing a hat which covers the hat and neck.

Dry, Itchy Skin
As your bump grows and your skin stretches it can become dry and the summer sun can dry it out even more. Use moisturising shower products and apply a moisturiser or lotion as soon as you get out of the shower or bath, after patting your skin dry. Try hard not to scratch as this will only make your skin worse. Keep your skin well moisturised and if you really struggling with scratching to relieve itchy skin, then use a cool flannel or you can by itch cream – just check it is suitable for use during pregnancy.

Heat Rash
Prickly heat or heat rash can develop over the body and is usually caused by the excessive sweating. Your body temperature is likely to be higher during pregnancy, which is why you may be more prone to heat rash while pregnant. Wear light, natural fabrics to help keep you cool, and you could also try an oatmeal bath: place 1 cup of rolled oats in a muslin cloth secured with a rubber band and popped into the bath, then simply squeeze out the oat-infused water. If symptoms persist and become unbearable you can speak to your midwife, pharmacist or doctor about antihistamines.

Keeping Cool
The summer is a lovely time of year but can be uncomfortable during pregnancy. Keep your curtains or blinds shut at home during the day to stop the sun from warming the house and then open them and the windows as the sun starts to set. If you have a loft hatch, it may be worth leaving this open during the night to let the warm air rise. Also, if using a pregnancy pillow, it might be even warmer in bed so using just a sheet can help keep you cooler and keeping windows open to create a cooling breeze.

Relax and make the most of the warmer weather, as who knows how long it will last.

What are you favourite tips to protecting your skin and staying cool during the summer? We’d love to hear your stories – just post your comments on our blog here or our Facebook Page.
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