Recording Baby’s Milestones

Your tiny bundle of joy has arrived, and you are in a haze of baby bliss and exhaustion. Your little one is literally transforming before your eyes and although some nights may seem like they last for ever – in reality, the newborn stage is so quick that you want to capture every single moment. We take a look at the best ways to mark your baby’s milestones so you can treasure the memories forever.

Make a scrapbook / baby book

One way to record your baby’s milestones is to make a scrapbook. You can use any book with plain pages or buy a specific baby memory book. No doubt you will be taking plenty of photos of your little one, just print them out and record and date each one in in writing and repeat every time they hit a milestone, from smiling and rolling over to their first word. This book can capture everything amazing about your child and provide a lovely reminder to look back at when they are older.

Use an app

There are plenty of apps to help you record your baby’s milestones. Somewhere to store photos, add developments as well as monitor weight gain. Some have really great artwork so you can add comments on the photos or milestone cards as well as share with registered family members. This is a quick way to keep track of all your little one’s steps and something to share with loved ones.

Milestone Cards

There are plenty of milestone cards available, which are a similar size to playing cards and have various milestones written on them from 1 week old to first foods. The idea is to take a photo of your baby with the milestone card and then you can keep it for your own record or make a cute photobook or alternatively upload them onto social media for your family and friends to see.

Create a Time Capsule

Fill a box of things from your baby’s first year, this can include scan photos, hospital bands, general photos, their coming home outfit and other items that capture their first year. This is a lovely keepsake for both you and your little one and also helps when they start school and have to create an ‘all about me’ box.

Keepsake Teddy
If you are creative then a lovely way to mark your baby’s first year is to make a teddy or blanket using the their newborn clothes or baby clothes. Making a patchwork teddy or blanket is a lovely reminder to you and something your little one can truly cherish for years to come. If you don’t think you are quite up to making it yourself (we certainly couldn’t) then there are plenty of people who can do this for you – just google ‘baby clothes keepsake’.

Your baby is only little for such a short time – enjoy every moment, even when its tough as it doesn’t last long.

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