Preparing for Father's Day

With Father’s Day only a few weeks away, now is a great time to start thinking about the man in your little one’s life or indeed yours. Even if your baby isn’t yet born – hopefully their father, or your partner, has been busy preparing for the new arrival and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show how much you and you baby/bump care. If your baby’s father is no longer in your life, you can always use some of the ideas below for your own dad or a special man in your life.

Home Made Gifts

There is nothing quite like a homemade gift, putting the time and effort into making something completely unique and personal, well it really shows how you feel. Here are a few suggestions:

Jar Gifts - this could be edible, maybe sweets or snacks or something more sentimental like a memory maker jar – add pieces of paper with suggestions of things you could do as a family or leave them blank for your partner to write their own.

Photos – if your baby has been born then you could make a cute sign saying ‘love you daddy’ and put it next to your baby or get them to hold it if they are old enough and take some great pics – it’s nice to have a special photo for their wallet, desk or next to their bed. If your baby isn’t yet born then why not take a photo of you and your bump with a sign saying, ‘we love you’ or similar.

Card – make a card for your partner using your baby’s hand print with the words ‘my fingers may be small but I can still wrap my daddy around them’ – this would also work if you have a scan photo.

Daddy Survival Kit – for the daddy-to-be make a cheeky survival kit to help him through those first weeks with the little one. This could include fun things like rubber gloves, ear defenders, a rattle, plenty of snacks, a gas mask and plenty of wipes.

Bought yet Personal Gifts

There are so many amazing gifts which you can have personalised for your baby’s father and Father’s Day is the perfect excuse:

Photo Book – design a photo book of your partner and your little one, from bump photos to now and have something you can both treasure forever.

Childhood FavouriteFind out which book your partner loved as a child and buy a copy for them to share with their child.

CufflinksIf you partner wears cufflinks then having some made with your baby’s fingerprint on them can be extra special or if your child is older then you could get a keyring made of your child’s drawing.

On the Day

Make the day extra special for your partner and show how much you appreciate their support, this may include:

A Lie-in – if you have both been getting up early recently, then let your partner have a lie-in and enjoy some extra shut-eye.

Favourite Dinner – cook your partner’s favourite dinner or go out for bite to eat to give you both a break and time to just enjoy as a family.

Do what he wants – ask your partner if there is anything they would like to do and if possible enjoy it together as a family.

However you celebrate Father’s Day, have fun!

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