National Child Safety Week

This week is National Child Safety Week and it is run by the Child Accident and Prevention Trust to highlight the hidden dangers around the home. This year the focus is on Family life today: where’s the risk? It has been designed to highlight the new dangers facing families in our modern society and offer simple solutions to help keep our children safe.
While your baby is still a newborn, these dangers may be far from your mind but it won’t be long before your little one is reaching out or starting to move and so it is a good idea to put some of these preventions in place now, so you can get into the habit.

Button Batteries
Button batteries are small enough to swallow but can cause a lot of damage as they get stuck in the throat. Button batteries power many essential items around the home from car key fobs and remotes to kitchen scales and baby thermometers. Ensure all spare batteries are kept out of reach and that all battery compartments are secure. If you change a battery, recycle it straight away.

Cot Bumpers
It is now recommended that cot bumpers are not used. The safest way for your baby to sleep is on a plain mattress free of toys, bumpers or excess bedding.

Nappy Sacks
These can be very hazardous if your baby gets hold of them. Make sure they are stored away from reach and never store under their cot.

Bath Seats
Many parents use a bath seat which can be completely safe when used correctly. However, they are not a safety device and should only be used when supervised. Never leave your little one alone in the bath seat, even for a moment.

Blind Cords
Most blinds now come with either a safety breaker or use a hook to operate. If you have a blind with a loose cord, then please do purchase a safety breaker clip. They are only a couple of pounds, are easy to install and will make the blind a lot safety for your child.

Washing Capsules
These are very appealing to little ones as they are often squidgy and brightly coloured. They do however contain hazardous chemicals and so should be stored in a top cupboard out of reach from exploring babies and toddlers.

Hair Straighteners
Hair straighteners can get very hot and take a long time to cool down and can burn a baby or toddler if left lying around. When not in use or cooling down, make sure they are placed up high, out of reach and the power cord is also out of reach.
Keeping your little one safe is often using common sense, but sometimes accidents can happen and it is important to try to minimise these as much as possible.

What have you done to baby proof your house? What age was your baby when you did so? We’d love to hear your stories – just post your comments on our blog here or our Facebook Page.
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