How to involve your partner during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a dad-to-be can sometimes feel a little left out. When you discover you are pregnant, like you they are possibly feeling excited, nervous and want to share their hopes and dreams for your child. As your pregnancy progresses, they may find it difficult to feel needed as they watch your bump grow and you do all the hard work. We take a look at ways to include your partner, so they feel very much apart of every aspect of the pregnancy.

Share the news together
Initially you may decide to keep the pregnancy to yourselves, but when you do decide to share your exciting news with family and friends, do it together – whether that’s meeting your parents, his parents, a phone call to siblings, a party or an announcement on social media, make sure you decide and do it together.

Scans and appointments
It can sometimes be difficult with work commitments, but as much as possible try and go to your appointments together, at the very least your scans. This way your partner has more of an insight into what is happening and how your baby is growing and of course share the moment of seeing your beautiful baby for the first time and hearing their heartbeat.

Decorating the nursery
Share your plans and ideas for how you want to decorate the nursery, as your partner will probably like to be more involved in the actual decorating of it. Plan together and incorporate some of his ideas into the plan – you never know he may have an interior designer within!

Buying items for your baby can be really exciting. Make a day or several days of it, look online together ot visit a superstore or baby show where there is plenty of choice for both the small and big ticket items. You can both try out the different travel systems, car seats and baby carriers before making your decision or even decide which type of muslins and baby grows you may need. Work out what you both think is important and then make the buying decision together. Don’t leave it too late though when you are tired and carrying a large bump.

If you can, take a little holiday together just the two of you before your baby arrives. This allows you both some quality time together before your family grows. You don’t have to go far or for very long, just enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of work or home life.

Above all spend some time together and talk about the excitement ahead as well as your worries, the more you share the more involved he will feel and the more you can enjoy the experience of becoming parents together.

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