Having a newborn at Christmas

Christmas can be a very busy time of year, add a newborn baby into the mix and things can get a little more stressful, but with careful planning and some TLC you can really enjoy the festive season with your new baby.

Be prepared
If you are due over the festive season, then make sure you have all the contact details you may need as some support services take seasonal breaks. Services like breastfeeding support may be limited and so it is important to find out what is available and who to contact. Speak to your midwife or health visitor to see what services will be affected and make sure you have any out-of-hours telephone numbers to ensure you can get hold of someone when you need them. Websites like Breastfeeding Network. have plenty of information that can help, including what medication to avoid when breastfeeding your baby.

Get plenty of rest
Being heavily pregnant or having a newborn is tiring at any time of year but with all the excitement of Christmas, it can be a little overwhelming. You may have extra people around to help or you may be visiting relatives, either way let them do the hard work while you put your feet up. If your baby has arrived there will no doubt be lots of doting relatives wanting a cuddle, but it is important for you to have plenty of one-on-one time together. Let your relatives help with food and sorting the house out, leaving you time to bond with your newborn as you both adjust.

Christmas through the eyes of your baby
Newborn babies won’t actively be able to join in with the festivities, however they are likely to be captivated by the lights, music and atmosphere of the season. A newborn will only be able to see things that are about 20cm to 35cm in front of their eyes, so hold them up towards the Christmas lights for them to see. If you baby is a little older, they may like the bright lights and crinkly wrapping paper as well as lots of music and singing. If you baby does seem a little overwhelmed, then do what you feel is right – listen to your instinct rather than any well-meaning family members.

You will never forget your little one’s first Christmas but do take some time out for yourself too and get some much-needed rest while you have help at hand.

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