First Week with your Newborn

Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling of having your newborn baby at home for the first time. The midwives and health professionals have left, and it is just you, your baby and possibly your partner. You are now completely responsible for this little person and it can feel very exciting and overwhelming - it is a feeling you will never forget. We take a look at a few things you can do to help you prepare for this first week.

Stock up your fridge
You may well have been cooking bulk meals for a while and hopefully have a well-stocked freezer, but don’t forget the fridge. Ensure you have plenty of milk, bread, fruit and snacks. You may find you are more hungry than usual as you adjust to less sleep and feeding your little one. If you haven’t stocked up your freezer with premade meals, then add a few ready meals to your shopping list so you have something quick and easy to cook if you need it.

Make your wishes known
Family and friends will be eager to see you and meet the new family member, but make sure your wishes are known. You may decide you only want close family to visit for the first few weeks, or you just want to share this time with your baby and partner. If this is the case then just let everyone know that you will let them visit as soon as possible and you just want to spend some quality time adjusting to becoming a mum and getting to know your baby.

Stock up household essentials
Whilst you might have stocked up on food, don’t forget the household essentials as you don’t want to run out of these items and have to make an emergency trip to the shops. Stock up on toilet roll, kitchen roll, bin bags, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets if you have one. They will last a while, and mean you can have peace of mind to focus on your newborn.

Forget the housework
You may have experienced nesting and have a beautifully clean home but now is the time to forget the housework. Spend this time getting to know your baby, the housework can wait. If you have some willing visitors then they may well be willing to have a quick clean up or pop a wash on, while you cuddle your baby.

These first few weeks are so precious. You need to allow yourself some time to adjust to being a mum and heal after the birth. Sleep as often as you can and just spend the first week or so bonding with your baby and allowing them time to get to know you too. Be gentle on yourself and don’t do something you are not ready to do; your hormones will be all over the place so ask for help if you need it and rest as much as you can.

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