Festive Food and Drink you CAN enjoy!

Being pregnant at Christmas can seem hard, watching everyone enjoy themselves while you sip a fruit juice, but you really can enjoy the festive season, there are plenty of options you can experience and not having a hangover is a definite bonus!

Mulled Wine

Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas without a warming glass of glühwein to enjoy in front of a roaring fire, there are plenty of delicious non-alcoholic versions or why not try making your own? Start with an apple juice or grape juice and then add your usual Christmas spices – cinnamon, cloves, some orange peel – BBC Good Food also recommend a drop of honey too - Recipe Here.

Buck’s Fizz

It’s Christmas morning, everyone starts early and celebrates with a refreshing glass of buck’s fizz and all you are offered is…. orange juice! Don’t miss out on the festivities and instead mix up some cranberry juice, orange juice and some soda water, or try Mary Berry’s recipe for a MB Zinger, minus the brandy obviously!. Chances are you won’t be the only one enjoying these delicious mocktails – refreshing and festive!

Ice Ice Baby…
If you are looking for something else to enjoy other than non-alcoholic wine or beer, then there are plenty of mocktail recipes out there for you. Or do like Jools Oliver and spruce up your ice cubes – fill an ice tray with fruit, berries and even herbs, top with water, then freeze and then enjoy with a glass of juice, sparkling or still water – not only do they look great, but they add a lovely freshness to your drink and the kids and even the designated drivers will love them too!

Christmas Feast

According to current guidelines from the NHS the main foods you need to be wary of over the festive period is the cheese board – any soft blue cheese should be avoided and only eat soft cheese which has been pasteurised – all hard cheeses are considered safe. It may also be worth avoiding cured meats and liver so that includes pate and some stuffings, however you can enjoy the rest of the feast and enjoy – it is Christmas after all!
Appreciate Christmas while being pregnant, hopefully you won’t have to host and if you do, hopefully there are plenty of people to help out so you can enjoy a much-needed break, as next year Christmas may well be very different!
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