Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive or involve lots of elaborate planning to show the man in your child’s life, how much they mean to them and you. Below we look at a few ideas that are more tokens of affection rather than expensive gifts:

There is something so precious about a handmade gift, be it from you or your child – as it is a sign of affection and the time and effort that goes into the gift can be truly cherished.

Photo gifts – a lovely photo of your little one and you or you with your bump is a lovely gift for your partner. Today we take hundreds of photos but rarely print any of those photos out, so gifting a photo for your partner’s wallet or desk is a lovely reminder to them of how much he means to you. You can also get creative with lots of props and poses and have lots of fun doing it too!

Father’s Day picnic – now the weather has improved, why not pack up a basket and head outside. Enjoy an array of delicious treats and enjoy the great outdoors. If your baby is born they will love feeling the grass between their toes or if you are still expecting you can enjoy some time alone, talking about your baby or just spend some time together, away from the distractions of everyday life.

Goodie Basket – fill a basket or box with your partner’s favourite treats for them to enjoy at their leisure, these could be sweet treats, savoury snacks or even a basket filled with items that he may find useful once baby has arrived.

A letter from you – there is something overwhelmingly beautiful about seeing your partner with your baby for the first time, the way they hold them and look at them – it is pure love. Write a letter or card to your partner sharing your thoughts about your baby and all your hopes and dreams that you can share together, bringing up your baby who is part of you both.

However you celebrate Father’s Day, have fun!

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