Celebrating Mother's Day while pregnant

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers, including those still growing their little ones. You may not have held your baby in your arms, yet but you have been carrying your baby for months now. Here are a few suggestions on ways to mark the occasion, or some hints to drop to the other half!

Celebrate with your mum

Why not make the most of your time before your baby arrives and spend the day with your mum? Your mother is most likely very excited about the arrival of their grandchild and so you could spend the day sharing the excitement and hearing stories about your childhood as well as getting some valuable advice.

Talk to your partner

You may be expecting a day of pampering and sharing the excitement of your baby’s arrival with your partner, but they may have different ideas. It may be worth talking about Mother’s Day prior to its actual date so your partner has time to plan a special celebration for you if this is something you would like. As according to a survey*, 60% of first-time pregnant women expect to receive gifts on Mother’s Day, whereas a similar number of first-time expectant dads are “clueless”.

Write a letter to your unborn baby

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to write your baby an open letter, from mummy with love and date it the 31st March 2019. You could start by telling them how excited you are at become their mummy and how you are feeling about their arrival. You could also tell them about all the things you are looking forward to sharing with them, their first steps, first word, their first tooth and even milestones as they grow up.

You can tell them all your hopes and dreams, life’s lessons you wish you knew, what is important to you and all the things you want them to experience as they grow up.


Enjoy a day full of pampering. Book yourself into a spa or enjoy that bubble bath with candles and relaxing music. Spend the day doing things you enjoy which you haven’t managed to do for ages or just put your feet up. This is a day for you so enjoy a little RnR.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mums – have a fabulous day!

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*Source: Eric Mower & Associates

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