The benefits to being pregnant during the festive season

With the festive season approaching rapidly, being pregnant does have its benefits, even if you may feel a little glum at the prospect of being the only sober one.
Time to relax
This may depend on how far gone you are, but your family are less likely to expect you to host this year. Enjoy visiting relatives and let them do the hard work of cooking and entertaining while you enjoy a well-earned rest. If baby has already arrived, then this also gives you a free pass to just enjoy time with your baby while family and friends provide the meals.

Catch up on your sleep
Being pregnant is exhausting and while your partner is hopefully off work over the Christmas season, enjoy some extra rest in bed. Plan your visits to family and friends accordingly but make sure you factor in some rest and enjoy some extra zzz’s while you can. If your little one has already made an appearance, then take advantage of there being more hands to help and have a sleep while someone else has a cuddle with your bundle of joy.

The official advice is you shouldn’t be doubling your calorie intake and ‘eating for two’ while pregnant. You will, however, be burning extra calories making a tiny human so now is the perfect time to enjoy all the delicious food without the guilt. Try and have a balanced diet so you can also enjoy an extra treat or two. If you’ve had your baby already and are breastfeeding, then you really will need to eat more – again a varied diet is best but enjoy the tasty offerings of the season.

Hangover, what hangover!
Make the most of the clear head and enjoy, while others may not feel so wonderful, you can be smug. Embrace the morning, if you’re not enjoying a lie-in that is, and go for a refreshing walk or if you are feeling up for it, hit the sales and grab a bargain

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