Baby's First Christmas

Every Baby’s first is exciting but Christmas has that extra magical factor. Here we look at a few ways you can help celebrate this festive time of year with your family and the new addition.

The Outfit
You don’t have to spend a fortune on your new baby at Christmas, as let’s be honest there will be plenty of family members offering gifts, instead why not focus on the little details. Your baby’s outfit for the day will be captured in photos to enjoy year after year, so choose something extra cute for the day. It may also be worth having a back-up outfit too in case there is a little accident.

Make it Personal
Rather than buying gifts, instead spend money on those things that you can use year after year. A personalised tree decoration is a lovely way to mark your baby’s first Christmas and if you are creative you could even make your own. A stocking for your little one is another nice item to have which can be used again and again, year after year, creating some nostalgic memories over time. Why not decorate a plate for Father Christmas’ treat and use your baby’s hand or footprint in the design? Your child will love to see how much they have grown each year when you bring out their Father Christmas plate ready for Santa.

Starting New Traditions
Now is a great time to start thinking about your own family traditions at Christmas. Even if you baby isn’t yet born, see how you and your partner celebrate the day and decide how to incorporate different traditions from each side of the family into your own special day. You could also add some new traditions of your own, this could include;
- A Christmas Eve Box – new PJ’s, a Christmas book, film and treats, a lovely way to relax and enjoy the festivities as a family after all your hard work.
- A yearly letter – write a letter to your bump or little one with all your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. You could then write one at Christmas every year and capture a beautiful moment in time to share with them when they are older.
- Create your own keepsake - this could be a skirt for the Christmas Tree with a handprint of your little one each year and this could grow as your family grows too – something you can add to and use every year!

Making Memories
Christmas isn’t about expensive presents but making time for each other and celebrating as a family. Focus on the little things and the gift of time as it will be these that are remembered in years to come, not the gifts purchased. You could do what one of our members suggested and wrap up items for baby which you were going to buy anyway, just so they have something to ‘open’. Above all relax and enjoy the moment.

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