'Baby' Friends

Your long awaited baby has arrived, you’ve been inundated with cards, gifts and non-stop visitors and then things start to calm down. You start to adjust to life as a new mum, but things are very different to how they were. You’re most likely on maternity leave, your sleep has definitely been interupted and when you feel like a chat or a catch-up with your friends, they are either at work or can only meet in the evenings when all you want to do is grab an early night and hope you get a few hours sleep before the first feed – things have definitely changed!

Getting Out and About
You may be lucky and have a circle of friends who also have babies or children and although may not always be around, they certainly understand what it is like having a newborn. If you joined a prenatal group like NCT, then you may also have made a few new friends, who are going through the same experience as yourself. Being able to meet other new parents for a coffee when you’re blurry eyed and can barely talk can be a real life-saver! If you haven’t really got anyone you know with a young baby then just getting out of the house and going for a walk everyday can make a real difference and help you get back into some sort of routine.

Baby Groups / Classes
A perfect place to meet new parent friends is at a baby group or class. There are likey to be a number of sessions in and around your local area. From swimming and baby sensory to baby massage and even new parent exercise classes, there is likely to be plenty to choose from. Signing up for a group or turning up to a coffee morning can seem very daunting at first, particularly when you don’t know anyone else, but it really is worthwhile. You may have come from having a very structured life with work and a busy diary to something a lot less detailed and it is just you and your newborn at home. Life will still be very busy but in a very different way and it is important to make some time for yourself so you are well looked after and in a good place to look after your baby. A coffee and a chat with someone going through similar experiences can really help you feel like you again. These groups are as much for the babies as they are for the parents, so put any inhibitions aside, and you can meet some amazing new friends and build up a new support network often with like-minded people.

Having something to do everyday can make a real difference too, particularly if you are finding things hard, as you will not be alone and if everything is going well then it is nice to just get out and about and meet some new people. Don’t go overboard though, by committing to too many things it can wear you and your baby out and may result in unnecessary stress as you race from one activity to the next. Focus on one thing a day, whether that is meeting friends for coffee, a walk or a baby class, then anything else is a bonus and have fun, they really do grow up very quickly!

Where did you meet your ‘baby’ friends?

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