The Alternative Pregnancy To-Do-List for First-Time Mums

Pregnancy is a very exciting time with plenty to do and think of before you meet your little one, but what is at the top of your pregnancy to-do-list? We have looked at an alternative guide, all those things you wished you had done before your baby arrives and we’re not talking decorating the nursery or buying the latest travel system…


Travelling with a bump is a lot less stressful than travelling with a baby / toddler, so while you can keep your luggage down to one bag, travel the world!!! This may not be practical for all and going off on a round the world trip may not be the most sensible (or affordable) thing to do now, but before you are 32 weeks’ pregnancy, why not enjoy a relaxing holiday or a city break? If air travel is out of the question then head to your local beach or find a B&B in the country, whatever it is, enjoy some time before the two of you become a three!


This is probably the number one thing you will miss once your baby arrives, unless you are one of the lucky ones! So many people tell you to enjoy your sleep while you can – this we highly recommend. Enjoy uninterrupted nights (although you may start getting these while pregnant with many trips to the loo!) and lie-ins – never feel guilty, relax and enjoy!

Be Impulsive

If the mood takes you, do it! Whether this is going out for a meal or catching a film to just popping out to the shops for a browse. Enjoy the time while it is yours as soon you will need to conduct what feels like a military operation every time you want to pop out. You can do as you please now, without working around nap and meal times, so take advantage and just do it!

Spend time with Friends

Spend plenty of time with your friends, be it meeting up for a cuppa or a weekend away, particularly with those that don’t yet have children. However, as much you plan to see your friends, and this is definitely possible, it will be different once you meet up with kids, as finishing a conversation in one sitting will feel like a triumph.

Having children is a wonderful experience, but life is definitely different with little ones so make the most of now and then when your baby arrives you will equally, if not more so enjoy life’s adventures as a family.

What did you wish you’d done before your baby arrived? Have you got a list you are currently working through? We’d love to hear your stories – just post your comments on our blog here or our Facebook Page.

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