5 ways to save as you spend on baby essentials

Expecting a baby is very exciting and a little daunting, not least because the costs mount up quickly, especially when you factor in things like lost income and child care.

Our friends at KidStart understand how hard it is for new parents to save for their children and offer the perfect solution – the ability to turn spending into savings.

KidStart have rounded up five baby essentials, giving you an idea of how much you may spend in the first year. Prices vary by a factor of ten depending on the brand and level of luxury you choose, so try not to get led astray and read their tips to help you save.

1. Nursery furniture: £300 - £2,500

For the cot, you’ll spend anywhere between £40 and £500, depending on the style you choose – you may want a swinging crib initially and then to switch later to a cot bed that will convert for your child as it grows.

You may also want a moses basket & stand and/or a baby pod or cocoon for on-the-go naps (£25 - £200).

Even if you get a second hand cot, you will be advised to buy a new mattress (£6-£25), mattress cover (£5-£20) and bedding (£2-£50 each item).

You may choose a changing table (£25 - £500) or chest of drawers (£80 - £600), plus changing mat and cover (£5-£50) and perhaps a matching wardrobe (£40 - £400).

And to aid those late night feeds, you will want to invest in a rocking chair (£80-£300).

Save on your spending:

• Check out your local charity / second hand furniture stores.
• Ask local friends and relatives if they are clearing out old equipment.
• Try online auction or recycling sites.
• Or if only the best will do, sign up to KidStart to save as you spend

KidStart is a free service which tops up your children’s savings for free as you buy online - turning nursery furniture into a nest egg for your baby’s future.

2. Baby equipment: £250 - £1,500

Babies come with an awful lot of kit to keep them safe and entertained:

At home you’ll need a baby monitor (£15-£150); a high chair (£25-£150); and a stair gate (£10-£100). As well as a bouncy chair (£20-£120) and various play gym, play centres and walkers (£25-£125).

Out and about you will need a nappy bag (£15-£200), a baby carrier / sling (£15- £70) and a buggy (£25-£800) - do your research to find what type suits your living style – city vs country, single vs multi child, light-weight vs comfort etc.

For longer journeys you’ll need a car seat - be sure to understand the version you require for the age / size of your child (£30-£300). And for overnight, you’ll need a travel cot (£30-£150) which can double up as a playpen if where you are staying isn’t very child friendly!

Save on your spending:

• Look for multi-age options – car seats, nappy bags and buggies all come in versions that adapt to different age stages.
• Consider multiple function items e.g. buggies that convert to highchairs.
• Car seats can’t be bought second hand, but if you have close friends or relatives and know their child seat hasn’t been involved in an accident and is otherwise up to UK safety standards, then you could save on a new one.

3. Clothing: £750 - £1,500

Firstly there is the maternity wear and clothing for the early months – to fit mum’s changing shape and requirements (£500).

Essentials for baby: Baby grows (£2-£50 each), Hats (£1-£15 each), Booties and socks (£1-15 each), Outfits for hot and cold weather (£5 - £50 each), Coat / winter all-in-one (£10-£100) - you’ll need several sets as your baby grows.

Babies grow fast: newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc. With sizes varying by brand (European often come up small) it can be very frustrating to get maximum use – so do put them in their best outfit even if you aren’t leaving the house!

Save on your spending:

• Buy outfits in multiples
• Stock up on off-season bargains - buy something cute in the sale even if it’s two or three sizes ahead.
• Baby clothes are hardly worn so do check out your local charity shops / jumble sales.
• Friends will love to donate hand-me-downs and see their favourite outfits get another wear / clear space in their home, so don’t be shy in asking.

4. Feeding: £1,000 - £2,000

For the first four-six months, your baby will only drink milk. If you are using formula, the typical baby will drink an average of £60 worth of formula a month until you start mix feeding. Whether formula or breast milk you will need bottles (£2- £35 each) and a steriliser (£13 - £70).

Once you introduce food, around the six-month mark, you will spend around £5 per day on weaning food, more if you stick to premium brands. Plus non-spill cups, and non-breakable cutlery and crockery (£1-£15 each item).

Save on your spending:

• If you can, breastfeed, it will save you money - an electric breast pump at £20 - £200 compared to £1,000 spent on formula over a whole year.
• If breastfeeding isn't an option, buy formula and baby food in bulk.
• Puree your own baby food – you can buy hand blenders from as little as £5.
• Buy sets of steriliser & bottles, cups and feeding equipment.

5. Nappies and hygiene: £1,000

Newborn babies use over 2,000 nappies in the first year, at around 20p each that adds up! You’ll need at least three packs of wipes per month (£1 each) and of course baby wash, lotion, oil, and nappy rash cream (about £15 month).

Save on your spending:

• Buy nappies in bulk online bringing the price per nappy down to around 10p each. Be sure to sign up to KidStart and earn savings for your children on your regular grocery items.
• Reusable cloth nappies could save you money if you do the laundering, if you use a nappy cleaning service (£10 / week) it will save the environment more than your pocket.
• Look out for multi-buy offers and free samples – sign up to totally pregnant and never miss out on an opportunity.

To learn more about how to save with our sponsored partner KidStart click here.

How have you saved when buying for your baby?

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